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Data Entry

Data Entry

Speedbase provides tools for creating no-code screens, forms, and various friendly web applications to allow business users to manage, control, and secure access to tables in corporate databases.


Admin can create forms and sub-forms in Grid, Record-View, and Tree-View configurations and their integration in “Master-Detail” / ”One-to-Many.”


Speedbase supports multiple databases linking in a single form via MDB-Multi Database Connection.

Loading Excel &
Data Files

Speedbase loads Excel files into tables in the database while activating sophisticated control mechanisms to check data's integrity.


The control tools examine the logical and business rules from the database and according to rules defined by the data manager at Speedbase, including consideration of key fields and lookup fields.


With Speedbase, organizations can define workflow while creating tasks, prioritizing, and determining information changes and by whom.


As part of its work processes, Speedbase integrates control mechanisms into work processes and sends emails to parties involved.


Speedbase enables the definition and implementation of work processes via status management, adding events, authorizations, and API usage.


To assist with implementing complex logical and business processes in the data entry process, Speedbase provides a structured and professional development environment for writing events / actions at critical points in the work processes and adding customizable activation buttons.


Speedbase includes a development environment that allows writing code both on the server side and on the client side in JavaScript, Jquery, C#, HTML, SQL, Dot.Net.

Data Management


Speedbase is database agnostic. Supports all Relational Database Management Systems- Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, AS400-DB2, SAP/Hana, Informix, Vertica, Snowflake, Teradata, SQL Express, Sybase.

Data Security- Protecting the
Reliability & Integrity of Information

Speedbase enables permissions categorization and decentralized control by determining user viewing or updating. Access permissions and data classification are enabled at all table levels and application components.


 Speedbase contains built-in mechanisms for tracking user activity.

Maintaining Data Quality
& Integrity

Speedbase ensures data quality, integrity, and reliability by checking the business rules defined in the database and the business and logical rules defined by the data manager at Speedbase.


 Speedbase provides complete data lineage, allowing admins to monitor who-what-where-when data has been changed, including old and new values.


 Speedbase contains built-in mechanisms and tracking data changes while keeping data changes history.

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