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Code-Free, Browser-Based,

Vendor Agnostic Database Application

Development Platform

Database Agnostic

Speedbase is a vendor agnostic database.


Supports all Relational Database Management Systems:

Oracle • SQL Serve • MySQL • PostgreSQL • AS400-DB2 • SAP/Hana •

Informix • Vertica • Snowflake • Teradata • SQL Express • Sybase.

Metadata Based Architecture

Speedbase utilizes a metadata-driven approach to enable enterprises to focus on implementing business processes without having to code or have specialized technical skills.


The Speedbase platform uses a metadata-driven development model to help business users become more productive in putting together apps. It means that the basic functionality of an apps and database objects are defined as metadata in a database rather than being hard-coded in a programming language.


A database abstraction layer ensures that the application layer remains database agnostic.

Speedbase Architecture

Browser-Based • n-Tier Architecture • On-Prem / Cloud




The brain of the system; it receives requests from the client (for building forms and applications) and creates them based on the metadata

kept in the repository.



A metadata store installed on the database server holds the rules and definitions to create forms and applications.



An abstraction layer which provides access to  large number of relational


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